How to make sense of all these choices? If you already have a clear idea of what you want, we will simply take note. If not, we can help you select music which best suits your service, whether you plan a civil or religious ceremony. We can also bring a classical, yet fun atmosphere to your reception with our diverse repertoire.

Payment is due before each performance begins.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception

at the same location

as the ceremony

Wedding Reception

at a different location

than the ceremony

Wedding Reception

only (no ceremony)

Rehearsal with a

soloist before the


Special music request

not currently on our


Other musical events

ie: private parties etc.

$545 - Regardless of the length of the ceremony


$300 per hour

$340 for the 1st hour,

$300 for each hour thereafter

$440 for the 1st hour,

$300 for each hour thereafter 

$50/15 minutes


$545 for the 1st hour,

$300 for each hour thereafter

Includes Prelude

through Postlude

Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception are considered as two separate events


Covers retail cost of music, music arranging, composing, copying 

A mileage fee of $2.50 per mile one way will be charged for performances outside the city of Eau Claire. We will use MapQuest.com to determine exact mileage. The beginning address will be 800 Wisconsin Street. Mileage determined by the Map Quest search, will be considered final.

Because of the extra time required to travel long distances, an extra travel fee of $140.00 will be charged when mileage exceeds 60 miles from Eau Claire.

15% of the total may be added for bookings made for holidays; ie: Jan. 1, Feb. 14th, Easter, Mother's Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or December 31st after 6 pm.

Payment is due before each performance begins.