Pop Music

The titles listed below are for music that the Chippewa Valley String Quartet presently has listed for Pop, Jazz & Rag music. This list may change from season to season. Please check with the CVSQ to obtain an up to date list. Sometimes music that you wish to be a part of the program such as accompaniment for a soloist or special request can also be arranged but may include an added fee.

Titles marked with a pointer mean you can listen to a 30 second sample of that particular piece online. The CVSQ does not provide a CD for practice purposes.

Jazz & Rag

Maple Leaf Rag                  S. Joplin

April Rag                             Martin

Paragon Rag                       S. Joplin

Heliotrope Bouquet            S. Joplin

Pineapple Rag                    S. Joplin

Search Light Rag               S. Joplin

Soft Shoe                            Martin


Ashokan Farewell                         J. Ungar

Palladio                                          K. Jenkins

Root Beer Barrel Polka                 J. O'Neill

Unchained Melody                         A. North

Waltzes (Well Known Melodies)

Strauss & Others