Q. How much space do you need?


A. 9 feet by 9 feet is best.


Q. What equipment do you need?


A. 4 armless chairs. We provide our own music stands. We can provide our own chairs if you have trouble providing them.


Q. How long do you play?


A. We can play up to three hours with a 10 minute break each hour.


Q. What is your policy regarding outdoor Ceremonies?


A. Stringed instruments should not be in direct sun for an extended period of time and, of course, cannot be out in the rain. Our instruments are very expensive and we have to protect them. To accomplish this, we ask to be placed in a shady location, perhaps under a tree or under a canopy or large umbrellas. In the case of rain, we have to be sure our instruments are protected not only from above, but also from rain blown on us from the side by the wind. Wind and rain will also ruin our music, and if the wind is too strong, it may be impossible to keep it on the music stand, even with music clips. We will then have to stop playing.


It is our policy that if rain begins at any time during a ceremony (even a couple of raindrops), and we are not in a protected area, we must stop playing and get our instruments and music into a protected area. If protection is not provided, and we begin playing, but cannot continue, there will be no refund of our fee.


Q. Can a string quartet be heard in an outdoor setting?


A. Our sound projects best in an indoor setting such as a church or auditorium if we are seated in front, facing the audience. Also, being set up on a raised deck is very helpful. In order to be sure of the timing of each section of the ceremony, it is very important for the wedding party to be able to easily hear the music. In an outdoor setting we recommend being placed as close to the wedding party as possible. Be aware that ambient noise, such as running water of a fountain or a busy road, or other picnickers in the area can interfear and prevent sound from carrying properly. If you are scheduling at a public park, or any place that other groups might gather also, check with the park & recreation department or property scheduler to see if there will be other groups present who might create a disturbance. You and your guests will enjoy your special day much more if the ceremony can be heard well.